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From virus and malware remediation to configuration, repair, and upgrades. Computer Essentials has you covered.

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Virus and Malware Removal and Protection

Are you noticing unsolicited pop-up windows, slow system performance, applications running on your system that you don’t recognize, and/or warnings from your antivirus software?  If so, your system may be infected with malware.  Malware can put your data, personal information, and identify at risk.  We can remedy malware threats and ensure that your system is fully protected.

Home Networking Setup and Assessment

Do you have more than one computer at home, and you would like for them to talk to one another?  Do you have an existing wired or wireless network and want to make sure it’s properly configured and secured?  We can ensure that your network is designed following best practices to keep it safe and properly functioning.

Slow Performance Tune-ups

​Is your computer running slow when it boots or while running various applications?  Without periodic maintenance, computers will slow down over time.  We can tune-up your system to get it back to peak performance while demonstrating basic steps you can take to keep it running like new.

Operating System Upgrades and System Refreshes

​Has a new version of Windows, MacOS, or Linux been released, but you don’t know where to start?  Over time, to restore system performance and proper operation, it may be necessary to refresh the operating system.  We can help.

Android and Apple Mobile Device Support

Do you have needs or difficulties with mobile devices like tablets and/or smartphones?  We can help you understand them and provide solutions to keep you connected.

Consulting Services

Are you looking to purchase upgrades, a new device, and/or new peripherals and need help with the decisions surrounding them?  We can help you to determine requirements, and we can partner with you to create an implementation plan that meets them.


What happens to your files and data if your computer fails?  What happens if your system is infected with ransomware that encrypts your files and data and holds them hostage?  Implementing a sound, duplicated, offline backup strategy is paramount this day and age.  Let us help you to ensure your crown jewels are protected and recoverable in case of an emergency.

Cloud Application Adoption

​Over the past several years, cloud computing has accelerated.  Many vendors have moved their software from traditional, local installations to access on the Internet.  Cloud applications allow users to work from anywhere in a secure and reliable manner.  Let us inventory your applications and workstreams to see if efficiencies, security, availability, and productivity can be increased by moving to the cloud.

New Computer Setup and Training

​Did you recently buy a new computer?  Do you want to ensure it’s setup properly out-of-the-box?  Do you want instruction on how to get started with it, but don’t know to whom to turn?  We can setup your new system, ensure it’s configured in a secure and optimal way, and help you get started with it.

Old to New Equipment Migrations

​Did you recently buy a new computer?  Are you wondering how to get everything from the old system to the new one without losing data and customizations?  We can help you successfully navigate the migration process.

Hardware Upgrades

Do you want to add memory (RAM) or switch from a regular hard drive to a solid-state drive to reap performance benefits?  We can install new hardware, and ensure your existing software works properly with it, so you immediately gain all the benefits.

Internet Connectivity Issues

​​Is your Internet access down and you don’t know why?  Do you have persistent, intermittent connectivity issues?  We can troubleshoot the issues, and work with your Internet provider to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Software Installation and Troubleshooting

​Do you have a new application you want to install and configure?  Are you seeing errors pop-up while working in your favorite application?  Are tasks you’re trying to accomplish not working as you expect?  If so, we can address your needs, so you can get back to being productive.

Computer Peripheral Installation and Troubleshooting

​Did you buy a new printer, scanner, camera, webcam, etc. and need it installed and configured?  We can install and help you get familiar with your new gadget, so you can start using it with confidence.

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