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From server/workstation service and repair to networking, systems setup, and configuration. Computer Essentials has you covered.

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Slow Performance Tune-ups

Are your computers running slow when they boot or while running applications?  Without periodic maintenance, computers will slow down over time.  We can tune-up your systems to get them back to peak performance.

Workstation Installation and Maintenance

​Do you have new workstations to setup, or existing workstations exhibiting performance issues?  We can install and preform maintenance on your workstations to keep your employees productive.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Backups

What happens to your files and data when your computers or servers fail?  What happens if your network is infected with ransomware that encrypts your files and data and holds them hostage?  Implementing a sound, duplicated, offline backup strategy is paramount this day and age. We can help you to ensure your crown jewels are protected and recoverable in case of an emergency.

Virus/Malware Removal and Protection

Are you noticing pop-up windows, slow system performance, applications running on your systems that you don’t recognize, and/or warnings from your antivirus software?  If so, your systems may be infected with malware.  Malware can put your company and sensitive data and information at risk.  We can remedy malware threats and ensure that your systems are fully protected.

Network Installation and Troubleshooting

Firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points, and the like, are critical components of any business IT infrastructure.  We can install new components, configure them, audit existing configurations for best practices, and troubleshoot network related issues.  Let us help you stay interconnected in a safe, convenient, and secure manner.

Server Installation, Administration, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

​​Do you need new tower servers installed or other servers “racked and stacked”?  Servers require out-of-the-box configuration.  Are you adding new users, mailboxes, shares, etc. to your network?  Are you having trouble accessing services that your servers provide?  We can configure and troubleshoot server related issues to ensure your business keeps functioning.  We know that time is money, so the sooner you can get back to work, the more profitable you will be.

Consulting Services

​Having short term tactical plans, as well as long term strategic plans, is critical to ensuring your information technologies will work to support your business goals and objectives now and into the future.  We can partner with you to tackle near term objectives, plan for the foreseeable future, and beyond.


​Do your users need to learn the basics of a new operating system or software application?  Are you converting from one platform to another (like Windows to MacOS or Linux) and need to give your employees the skills they need to be effective through the transition?  We can deliver training to your users to ensure that the business can continue to function at peak performance regardless of changes to your IT systems.

Migrations from On-Premises to the Cloud

​It is no longer a requirement to house applications and infrastructure at your company.  Many vendors already have and continue to move their legacy applications from traditional local installations to the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.  It is possible to host your servers, and other related infrastructure, in the cloud as well.  Doing so often results in efficiencies of scale, decreased complexity, increased availability, and decreased maintenance expense.  We can plan and execute a migration strategy from on-premises to the cloud to ensure you’re reaping as many benefits as possible from the major advances in computing technology.


Do you need or want to keep your servers, and related infrastructure, in-house?  Perhaps you face a regulatory requirement, or you desire local control.  If so, virtualization can help.  Gone are the days of running individual physical servers to accommodate the wide array of services a business needs to operate.  Today, many different server workloads can run on a single, physical server, providing efficiencies that were impossible to achieve in the past.  We can help to get you up and running with Microsoft, VMware, or Proxmox virtualization infrastructures.

Office Relocation Projects

​Are you moving your office space to a new location?  Do you need help with the physical move and setting up?  We can help.

Security Assessments

With adversarial threats increasing by the minute, as technologies expand and mature, it is critical that your network and related technologies are secure.  We can assess your current environment, and implement security best practices, to help protect you from compromise.

Remote Access/VPN

​Working strictly from the office is a thing of the past.  This is especially true since the SARS-COV-2 pandemic came about.  Companies are enacting smarter ways of working including remote access for their employees.  We can help implement secure means of remote connectivity for your employees, so they can be productive no matter where they roam.

Shared Printer Installation and Configuration

Do you have a new multifunction printer or copier machine and want to share it with your users?  Whether using a server infrastructure or not, we can assist with installing and configuring the device on all computers in your company.

Android and Apple Mobile Device Support

Do you have needs or difficulties with mobile devices like tablets and/or smartphones?  We can help you understand them and provide solutions to keep you connected.

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